SYTEQ Corporation is an Engineering Software solutions provider and reseller providing a set of integrated services and products to its renowned clients across different industry sectors in Egypt. Within a competitively brief time span, SYTEQ has been able to acquire a solid market reputation and gain the trust of world-class engineering software producers like Autodesk and Adobe to be one of their main authorized resellers and solution providers in the country. With unparalleled expertise and product know-how, SYTEQ helps its clients to realize the business benefits and the full potential of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and asset management to more efficiently plan, design, build and operate buildings and infrastructures.

Using our partners’ innovative technologies and international best-practice processes, we help our clients across different sectors – especially in the Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Operation (AECO) industries – overcome the challenges of the rising global demand to create spaces that are smarter and more resilient.

At SYTEQ, we commit ourselves to a strict code of ethics and operational model to ensure that our clients receive the most superior service provision, unmatched quality, rewarding project delivery and absolute support to create a smart sustainable design every time.

Our Story:

SYTEQ was founded as a reseller of Construction & Architecture software.
SYTEQ Corporation has significantly evolved over the years to become a recognized leader in building information modeling (BIM) technology solutions, as well as an Autodesk Gold Partner.

Our passion for customer support is what makes SYTEQ different than other software resellers. Not only do we want you to use the best software for your projects, but we want to be there to support and assist you every step of the way.

Our Mission:

To provide top-notch engineering solutions and software that help our clients to harness the full potential of latest technologies, best-practice processes and BIM business benefits with quality, reliability and timeliness.

Our Vision:

To be the leading go-to engineering software solutions provider and reseller in Egypt that is trusted to deliver reliable state-of-the-art services and to have an effective social contribution in building smarter more resilient spaces for sustainable and more futuristic cities.


SYTEQ is committed to providing outstanding customer service. As a team, we are passionate about helping customers improve their productivity and overall business processes. We have the skills to not only assist you, but enable you to gain a competitive advantage as you stay updated with the most recent technologies. Feel free to contact us regarding:




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Strategic Partnerships
with Global Leaders

At SYTEQ, we pride ourselves with a number of strategic partnerships with global leaders in the engineering software production. whose technologies have helped us facilitate the realization of our clients’ business objectives and gain a concrete market trust as a reliable provider and reseller. Whether it be a complete engineering project, a training service, or a simple product resale, SYTEQ is guaranteed to have the necessary product know-how that will serve every need.

Our Clients

Since its inception, SYTEQ has been forging enduring fruitful relationships with a number of renowned clients across different industry sectors who have put their priceless confidence in our solutions and have trusted us to be their success partner along their goal-achieving journeys.

We value our mutually respected association with each and every client and we regard it as the lifeline of our company and its sustainability

Why choose SYTEQ

Best-in-class Engineering Software

Strategic Partnerships

Our strategic partnerships with global technology giants enable us to provide the best-in-the-market engineering software solutions with guaranteed quality and reliability. 

Industry Specification

Our market expertise expands to include all industry sectors
with a deep understanding of the unique industry-specific needs at each one of them.

Diverse Team

We have a diverse team of unparalleled expertise and  product know-how that pledges a trusted projects delivery with superior quality, efficiency and timeliness.

After-Sales Support

We stand out from competition with our exceptional after-sales support services that have further ensured our market footprint and earned us our clients’ trust as a success partner and not just a consultant for hire.

Competitive Prices

We incorporate a diversified services portfolio that empowers us with the needed
flexibility to offer specifically-tailored
solutions to match every need
at competitive prices.

we’re delivering the best
customer experience